Village Carols

The tradition of singing village carols in the pubs of Bradford on Avon during December is now in it’s sixth year. The more the merrier, so please do come and support myself, Chris Samuels and Masha Kastner in this rousing addition to the festive season.

I am leading the teaching session, for those who do not know the songs, on Saturday 3rd December at 4pm in The United Church. The pub sessions are then at the following locations/time

  • Sunday 4th December 2016, 4pm at The Swan Hotel
  • Sunday 11th  December 2016, 4pm at The Dog & Fox
  • Sunday 18th December 2016, 4pm at The Bear

We have sung quite a few of the songs over the years at choir. If you want a refresh – then the parts are on the village carols website to listen to.