Midsummer Song


Sat 23rd June     10am – 11.30am

Bradford on Avon

Join us on the Saturday following the summer solstice to celebrate Midsummer and the sun, giver of life. In the Celtic tradition it is one of the four fire festivals marking the turning of the seasons.

After Christianity became adopted in Britain, the festival became known as St John’s day an important day in the church calendar; the birthday of St John the Baptist.

We will welcome the warmth of midsummer by learning simple songs in gorgeous two and three part harmonies in the stunning acoustics of the 11th century Saxon Church in Bradford on Avon.

Advance bookings only due to limited space. Please also be advised there are no toilet or kitchen facilities at the church.

A percentage of profits from these workshop go to the Saxon Church Trust to help with the upkeep of these beautiful buildings