Sing Alive Covid 19 Update

With the news today that the UK is entering the ‘delay’ phase of dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic I have decided to postpone all choir rehearsals and gatherings for the time being. This means there will be NO Devizes choir this evening.
Singing is an activity that, by it’s nature, spreads droplets into the air. We are in close proximity to each other in enclosed spaces which are not well ventilated and many in the choir are 65+ with underlying health conditions.
You will also be aware that the World Health Organisation (WHO) having studied how the infection has spread in other countries advises that the risk of infection appears to be high at small gatherings in indoor venues. 

Dr David Nabarro, one of the WHO’s six special envoys on coronavirus, said today; “There is a particular risk for gatherings in locations with poor ventilation. We are operating on the basic assumption that the home is a primary place where transmission has been occurring, but something else we are also really picking up on is that in places where ventilation is poor, or if there is ventilation but a lack of proper filtration and where people are closer than 2 metres,  then that can also be seriously bad.  He continued “That appears to be the next commonest place where infections are taking place and that is why restaurants, pubs and churches – churches in particular because of physical closeness – are of interest.”

This combination of factors makes me very concerned that we could contribute unnecessarily to community transmission of this disease amongst those most vulnerable to serious illness, particularly as the virus is most contagious when people are not exhibiting symptoms.
I have not heard from the organisers of Sing for Water Cardiff. As soon as I do I will let you all know.
Rob and I have heard from most of the care homes we play in who have cancelled all entertainment because they are in lockdown to avoid Covid19 transmission.
I am awaiting notification from Blenheim House where the care homes choir are due to sing on April 24th and we are due to hold a gathering in May – again, I will keep you all informed as and when I get the information.
Meanwhile stay well and I shall keep in touch via the website and social media.
If there is any material change/resumption of rehearsals I will email you all.