Whilst we are unable to meet in person during the current lockdown we will gather online at our Facebook page to learn songs and sing together. We had been meeting twice a week for two shorter sessions I now need to move to a longer session once a week as my mother is unwell and currently needs more of my time.

Below you will find all the songs (plus songsheets) that we will sing this half term across five sessions every Tuesday at 11am for around 30/40 minutes.  These are songs we have sung as a choir over the years with an occasional new song to learn. Also below you will see which songs we will sing each week.

If you havn’t already done so, you can request to join our Facebook group here

In week five we will gather for a Big Lockdown Sing of all the songs. I will run half terms on this basis whilst social distancing is in place. At the moment I am in a position to offer these sessions free of charge with an option to donate via bank transfer if you are in a position to do so to Lloyds account number 29319160, sort code 30 90 54

The songs we will sing this summer are:

Zen Wah

Merry Merry
Merry Merry_All
Merry Merry_learning track

One Heart Beating
One Heart Beating – Whole Song
One Heart Beating – Part 1 High And Low
One Heart Beating – Part 2 High And Low
One Heart Beating – Part 3 Higher And Lower
One Heart Beating – End Section All Parts

Voice of the Bard
Voice of the Bard – All
Voice of the Bard – Soprano
Voice of the Bard – Alto
Voice of the Bard – Tenor
Voice of the Bard – bass

Te Aro Ha
Te Aro Ha – all
Te Aro Ha_Tune
Te Aro Ha_mid harmony
Te Aro Ha_low harmony
Te Aro Ha_high harmony

Nkosi Sikelei
Nkosi Sikelel I’Afrika – All
Nkosi Sikeleli -Tune
Nkosi Sikeleli – Alto
Nkosi Sikelel – Tenor
Nkosi Sikeleli – Bass

Siyabonga – performance video

I will go over the parts in the first session.

All Shall Be Well

May The Longtime Sun
May The Longtime Sun – All
May The Longtime Sun – mid
May The Longtime Sun Top


sing alive summer 2020 – short songs
voice of the bard
words nkosi sikeleli

Week #1 Tuesday 2nd June

Zen Wah; One Heart Beating; Siyabonga; All Shall Be Well

Week #2 Tuesday 9th June

Merry Merry; One Heart Beating; Voice of the Bard; Siyabonga; May the longtime sun

Week #3 Tuesday 16th June

Zen Wah; Voice of the Bard; Te Aro Ha; Nkosi Sikeleli; All Shall Be Well

Week #4 Tuesday June 23rd

Merry Merry; Voice of the Bard; One Heart Beating; Te Aro Ha; Nkosi sikeleli; Siyabonga; May the Longtime Sun

Week #5 Tuesday June 30th Big Lockdown Singalong

Zen Wah; Merry Merry; One Heart Beating; Voice of the Bard; Te Aro Ha; Nkosi/Siyabonga; All Shall Be Well

All session start at 11am