Experience the joy of singing simple songs and creating lovely harmonies and rhythms in community with others at a Sing Alive group near you. Sessions open to all.


Our founding principle is that singing is open to all. At Sing Alive we believe everyone can sing and that there is something particularly powerful about singing together with others.

  • There are no auditions and all songs are taught by ear.
  • We welcome confident singers who want to be part of a friendly singing community
  • We welcome all those who love to sing, even if early singing experiences were negative.
  • We welcome those looking to relax and forget the stresses of the day through singing.
  • We welcome variety and sing without judgement – all voices are welcome and contribute to the whole.

Sing Alive singers are a very sociable bunch. It’s a great place to meet new people, particularly if you are new to the area. Come along and experience the joy of singing a gorgeous selection of songs from around the world in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. We sing traditional English, Welsh, European, African and American folk, gospel, pop and community songs.

We gather regularly as a whole choir to sing somewhere beautiful for family and friends. There are also opportunities to be a part of community performances throughout the year.

Whatever your reason, we’d love to welcome you.

We offer the following groups in Wiltshire
New Members are always welcome.

Bradford on Avon

Every Tuesday morning with this sociable group of singers.

Time Daytime 10am – 12 noon
Day Tuesdays (term-time)
Place United Church, St Margaret’s Street, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1DD
Term Dates
  • Summer Term 2019
    23rd April to 16th July (12 weeks)
    NO SESSION 4th June
  • Autumn/Winter Term 2019
    10th September to 3rd December (11 weeks)
    NO SESSION 22nd and 29th October
  • Spring Term 2020
    7th January to 31st March (12 weeks)
    NO SESSION on 18th February
  • Summer Term 2020
    21st April to 14th July (12 weeks)
    NO SESSION 26th May
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Every Thursday with this very friendly group of singers.

Time Evening: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Day Thursdays (term-time)
Place Devizes Town Hall (Cheese Hall) St John’s Street, Devizes, SN10 1BN**
Term Dates
  • Summer Term 2019
    25th April to 18th July (12 weeks)
    NO SESSION 6th June
  • Autumn/Winter Term 2019
    12th September to 5th December (11 weeks)
    NO SESSION 24th and 31st October
  • Spring Term 2020
    9th January to 2nd April (12 weeks)
    NO SESSION on 20th February
  • Summer Term 2020
    23rd April to 16th July (12 weeks)
    NO SESSION 28th May
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Membership fees

Memberships fees are strictly due during the first week of term. Please arrive a little early to help us manage this. Fees may be paid by the half term. Cheques are payable to E S Penlington or online to account number 29319160 sort code 30 90 54

  • SUMMER TERM 2019 FEES £90 (£171 couples/family)
    First half £45 (£85) Second half £45 (£85)
  • AUTUMN/WINTER 2019 FEES £84 (£159 couples/family)
    First half £46 (£87 couples/family) Second half £38 (£72 couples/family)
  • SPRING TERM 2020 FEES £92 (£174 couples/family)
    First half £46 (£87 couples/family) Second half £46 (£87 couples/family)
  • SUMMER TERM 2020 FEES £92 (£174 couples/family)
    First half £46 (£87 couples/family) Second half £46 (£87 couples/family)

If you join Sing Alive part way through a term, please pay for the number of weeks you will attend. For subsequent terms the full fees are payable. We do not offer a weekly drop-in rate as fees are inclusive of other choir membership benefits.


  • You can come to any additional sessions at no extra charge.
  • Bring any visitors you may have staying with you at no additional cost.
  • 10% discount for introducing new members to the choir.
  • Membership fees cover all sessions you attend
  • All concerts and performances
  • Access to a range of online choir resources and facilities.
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Undecided? Try for a ‘fiver’

To find out if this is the kind of singing you are looking you’re welcome to join us.
Please contact me.