The founding principle of Sing Alive is that creativity and song should be accessible to all, regardless of previous musical ability or experience.

The songs we sing come from all over the world and most of them come from the oral tradition. We teach songs by ear because this is the most accessible and effective way for the majority of people to learn and remember songs.

Creating an accepting community is essential to our approach. You may worry about having a “good” voice or “getting it right”. You may see yourself as a non-singer because of previous experiences, criticism or ridicule. Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint and at Sing Alive we respect that individuality. Sing Alive gives you the opportunity to express yourself through singing and develop to your full vocal potential.
Many people enjoy singing and would like to sing in a group but feel excluded because they do not have music reading skills. Some singing groups and choirs are competitive with the need to audition and an emphasis on individual performance.

At Sing Alive we aim to counteract these experiences. We use accessible language and avoid technical musical jargon. There are no auditions and the groups are not performance-based. We do occasional community performances and events for friends and family. It is not a requirement to be a part of these performances.

For thousands of years all over the world, people have sung to express joy, celebration and grief, to accompany work and devotion and to aid healing. Singing is part of life and a way of binding communities together.

The voice we are born with is capable of freely expressing a full range of emotions, thoughts and experience – this is what is meant by the “natural voice”. However, the tensions and stresses of daily life create physical and emotional blocks to the natural voice. That is why we also use breathing, movement and play as part of all sessions to maintain a healthy singing voice.